Sharn: From Antiquities to Inquisitives

Down by the docks - Fang

I never understood the people who abuse drugs. They don’t offer any sort of nutrition and they don’t make you faster or stronger. Just slower and stupider. But we heard of a drug operation that might give us more information on the corrupt watch and the Boromar clan. So off we went.

The meeting was to take place in an abandoned warehouse by the docks. If that’s not cliché, I don’t know what is. But we all hid in various placed, hoping that one of us would be able to hear what was going on. Keylith hid on the roof, and I found if very amusing that Erdrick went with her. It was like watching a squirrel climb up a tree followed by a horse. Let me tell you, horses do not climb.

Anyway, people always seem to overlook me. This time it worked for me because I got to pick through the garbage in the area. There were some very interesting smells. But despite all that I was trying to keep one ear open. We were all there for information after all. But then I saw this cat. It hissed and ran away. What was I supposed to do? Chase it, that’s what! So I ran after it around the building and being as quick as I am caught the thing! It was very fun. And when I shook it in my jaws the cat’s head flopped around in a most satisfactory way!

Some of my companions can be very selfish. So before I went back to guard duty I wanted to hide it. If one of the others found the cat they might take it for themselves. So I started poking around and I saw another trash can. But this one was much larger. So of course I take a look. But instead of garbage there are bones and orange goo. And not the good kind of bones. You know, like the cow ones that might still have some meat on it and perhaps some of that delicious tangy red sauce. No. These were human bones and they had been stripped clean by something. It was defiantly time to get out of there.

So with my cat treasure in tow, I walked around the front of the building. By that time the watch had arrived along with the Halflings of the Boromar clan. They were conversing and I was trying to casually walk away. That was difficult as the orange goo was starting to leak out of the dumpster. Then it exploded! Kind of like when Zerif mixes things in his lab that should not have been mixed. He does that more often then he lets others know.

Anyway, out pop two of what I can only describe as trash monsters. Luckily they don’t care that I was looking around their house because they attack the closest person, which happens to be one of the watch. And then of course all hell breaks loose as my companions join the fray.
I have to say, while each of them can hold their own in a fight, they do not fight like the pack that they are. Everyone just throws their weapons into whatever threat is closest. It becomes very chaotic. But working together as a pack would combine our efforts and make us stronger. Picking one target to strike together, before moving onto the next. It would also keep us together. And for awhile we were separated with Aldos all by himself outside. It had me very worried.

But we did manage to suppress the garbage monsters and the Boromar clan, while the watch ran away. Kind of like the cat. Which reminded me that I had left my cat outside! Luckily it was still were I dropped it. Aldos had kept it safe for me when he was abandoned. Not all of my companions are selfish, I guess.

Anyway we started searching the warehouse when Erdrick and Aldos became trapped in a room. See what I mean about the pack not staying together? It only leads to trouble. Actually anything involving Erdrick leads to trouble. But before we could save them one of the escaped Halflings appears with some dinosaurs in tow. We disposed of them quickly. Only one team can have a mascot thank you very much! And we were back to looking through paperwork and splitting up the treasure. And some peoples idea of treasure makes know sense to me. Zerif once tried to explain the value of a painting to me. But they just smell like turpentine and they don’t taste very good. But we took some of them with us anyway. I bet Dyer would like some of them. We should show them to him when we see him again.



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