Sharn: From Antiquities to Inquisitives

Monsters and Traitors

After leaving the strange metal factory we headed out into the Mournlands. There was some talk about using teleportation to get us back home. I don’t know much about that stuff. But I bet it would have been better than this place.

All the plant life was in a perpetual state of death and there were some dreadful monsters. J, the eladrin agent we saved from the factory gave me a new totem and Zerif a new set of armor. So that helped us get past all the creepy crawlies. But it really was a horrible place. And not a single bunny to chase! What kind of forest doesn’t have any small furry creatures in which to chase and chew on?

Zerif and Eldrik were being rather friendly to each other. I found it very odd and so did Dyer. Those two have never gotten along. So Dyer, Keylith and I tried our best to keep an eye on them. I never really found out what they were up to.

Once out of the Mournlands was when we ran into real trouble. Our first night, out of nowhere Eldrik attacked our Eladrin friend and her partner! These people had helped up. True they made mistakes. But who hasn’t? And they were on their way to admit what they had done and atone. That is more than what most would do. Eldrik had no right attacking them. Traitor!

I ran after him, and showed him what my teeth could do! I will admit, I was no angry I may have over done it. I burst out of my wolf fur and attacked with the fangs and claws of a wolverine. And Zerif, my best friend came to my aid! He attacked with the little handled teeth he carries (since his natural ones are not very effective). I told Eldrik to show me his throat. Showing submission is the only way to show regret and ask forgiveness in such a situation. But he would not and like the coward he is, tried to run away. Run away! From me! Now that I think about it, the attempt is very humorous.

I ran him down and Zerif and I subdued him. Dyer was not happy, thinking Zerif and I acted too quickly. And Keylith kept her own council. But he attacked those weaker then himself, who had helped us, and where under our protection. Traitors deserve no better!

I am not sure what we will do now. I hope we don’t split up. Separating the pack is never a good thing. But I will follow my friend Zerif, who I can always rely on. Though I will miss Keylith and Dyer if we do separate.



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