Sharn: From Antiquities to Inquisitives

We're on an Airship - Keyleth

Ok, so the journal entry is through Keyleth’s eyes. I know for a fact I can’t do an awesome job like some of you but, will try my best!!

So our story begins with a grand announcement that we are invited to a grand affair. My immediate thought: “SHOPPING!!” We all had to look like we were dressed to impress, even Fang!! After which we all looked so snazzy we discussed who would take the dog. Fang had to be on her best behavior we didn’t want to get declined or kicked off the airship. Dyer and I had decided that we would take Fang. Since Zerif would be acting like he worked alone, good cover, we all thought! Another cover was that Dyer and I were “together” only for a disguise so he would be accompanying me for the night alongside Fang. As we all made it on the boat safely dyer, fang and I gave a nodded to our buddy Zerif. He would go on his own as a lone wolf but, hopefully would be reunited with his wolf pack.

We all look onward toward our mission all having different ones at the time mine getting drunk, Fang eating tasting food and Dyers just doing the investigating as usual. We all explored areas of the boat as began to do so we saw many familiar faces detective Breven was down stairs for the majority of the time. Kelslon who came out of the room that we later found Scarlet Jax’s doing the same.

First, person we saw was my ached enemy Scarlet Jax as I was reminded of what she had done to me and about to say a few words about it to Dyer I looked beside me and noticed instead of talking to my swords I was talking to a dog. Dyer had already made his way with the rest of the swarm of men around Scarlet .I whispered under my breath be careful l and always be on your toes but, like a man I knew he wouldn’t have paid any attention. I thought to myself (guess I said it out loud) well…she hasn’t changed a bit! Just as I was making my way toward her to cause a scene I was reminded by a good friend (Zerif) to remain calm he had some information I would love to use against that broad. So fang and I started to enjoy the cuisine (steak kabobs) Not drinking a lot because I knew I would have to fight this #@$%* I steady myself for once! Scarlet excused herself from the crowd of men that was surrounding her to go to the bathroom.

Fang nudge me to follow as I made eye contact with Dyer he knew there was something up and there might be a scene he would need to hose off. Fang and I went up stairs to have a meeting in the ladies room we hoped we could be back real soon with no evidence of what had happened. As I grew impatience waiting for the!@#$%. Told fang well bride her with a treat to stay and make any commotion to make me aware. I stared to do some of my own investigating what?! I guess Dyer rub off on me for a moment. Zerif and Dyer were both down stairs little did I know it had been a good twenty minutes waiting for Scarlet. Dyer made his way up to see what was going on making sure there was no drama for the mama. He said “Zerif is doing an excellent job portraying that he isn’t associated with us and hopefully getting some good information. Immediately after he finished his statement the bathroom door began to open as I turn around to make a move Scarlet replies “Keyleth WATCH OUT!! Then, throws her dagger straight at me!!” Thinking to myself “Your joking right?!” In a blink of an eye we see a Halfling lying there died waiting for gratitude from me about the kill and my life. I respond with but, immediately interrupted by her with Well… are you going to thank me or what?! Rolling my eyes Dyer agrees and in ah of her ways he says “Yes, thank the woman” I glare at him and roll my eyes only to look down and notice that Fang has gone missing Oh no!! My eyes widen with shock and amazement that Fang is missing and excuse myself to go have a drink but really looking for her down stairs I haven’t had more than a drink tell you and this is what I get myself into I need more!! Staring my mission to find Fang I find myself at the bar singing a lovely song “I’m all alone there’s no one her beside me but, you got to have friends come on everyone!! That’s when they announce it grub time!! I mean meal time!!

I see Dyer and Fang making their way down the stairs but, not with Scarlet?! What a shock I think to myself the way he was l over her I was sure she would have played along?! Something’s up I just know it!! Thinking Fang was happy to see me she ran pass me to Kelson of course. I make eye contact with Dyer throwing him a wink and a gesture with my head to motion which way Fang went. With a look of disappointment on his face thinking that Fang would have just made it easy on him and come to me decides to non chalet to get her. I offer her some food under the table making sure nobody notices but, as if I really cared.

As we look in Zerif’s way we see him trying to bluff his way into the door where we all noticed that Scarlet and Kelson came out of. Dyer and I knew we needed a distraction and quick! Before we could think of one Fang had decided to pull the table cloth of and that’s when we knew it was our queue GO TIME! Dyer and I started arguing about various thing acting like an old married couple at the time which I guess got the attention of most. Just in the nick of time Zerif got into the room and Fang went on her way with the steak knowing it would be her last treat for a while. As I made my way to another table disgusted with Dyer by this time he had ordered everyone drinks.

As I watched everyone enjoying their drinks and being merry and happy at this time I had decided I would try my luck at joining Zerif. Ready to talk to that !%^&* I decided to start chit chatting with one of the boys reminiscing about the falling men at least he portrayed it that way and thinking man, those boys were great I hope they fell with dignity and pride even though I really believe in everything she does is for herself. I kept thinking to myself I bet that *&%$# she just persuading one of my the wolves in the pack I have to get in there ASAP because I was going to be Damned if that happened again to me!! Finall,y making it into the room all amped up ready to kill the only person I see is Zerif I quickly respond with where’s the !@#$%?!?!?! Don’t get me wrong I was happy one minute to see him not talking to Jax’s but, the next I was mad because he wasn’t talking to her !! It’s on like Donkey Kong Scarlet Jax!! We must find her!! As he finishes packing the drugs up into the bag we do some investigating to find where they keep coming in and out of.

He found a hidden door that we enter into a whole different part of the airship as we look around there’s the broad!! Heading outside the window as she perches herself as if she’s going to just fall out the window she’s responds with”Really I’m in a dress!” I run to push her out the window but, not fast enough she gives us her signature move by blowing a kiss, winking and exits. AHH HELL NO THIS NOT HAPPENING!!Thinking quickly and on my toes (as quick I could being a little wasted) I follow out the window after her! What?! I wasn’t about to let her just go slip right out of my hands again who knew when we would be this close again! I would have my revenge whether or not my wolf pack would see it or not they would see her dead body on the ground and me having a triumphant look upon my face like I was WINNING!! As I yell upward to Zerif “Are you coming?” I immediately knew he wouldn’t be. As I see him just stare out the window down at me. Many thoughts went through my head would I get to see the wolf pack again? Was Zerif that the last person I would see if my mission failed. How far down am I going? As I reeled myself back to the case at hand which was oh there she is Scarlet Jax I could smell her I was only finger tips away from her as soon as I went to reach to grab her Jax’s reflexes were quicker then mine at the time leaving me no idea where she could be!! WHAT?!?! YOU GOT TO BE JOKEING ME!! So I wanted to blame the fog, darkness, couldn’t find her, my closed eyes?(Possible it really was happening) As I landed on my feet thinking I will chase after looking to my left and my right Jax was nowhere in sight !

So then, I started to remiss about how the night went overall. Man oh man I got lucky!! NO ABSOLUTLEY NOT WITH DYER!! With the events that happened on the airship things could have turn ugly real quick on that airship but, I was proud of myself for not giving into the games many played on the boat. I finally got to use my words of persuasion on one of the “boys” but, knew in the back of my mind if he didn’t see through my b.s. he wasn’t going to make it . As I was feeling all high and mighty with myself in the ally all of a sudden a huge recognizable bag fell into my arm that’s right the drug bag that Zerif found while he was in the room before I could enter to help load it up.

As I began to look up at the sky to thank my deity I realized I didn’t really chose one. I will keep that to myself and not tell the wolf pack. It’s like politics you just don’t discuss it as a group. While I was thinking this all out loud I keep hearing a loud commotion up in the sky and hoped that everything was ok with the wolf pack. Not knowing this at the time it was Dyer and Fang parking the VERY EXPENSIVE aircraft they borrowed NOT STOLE I believe they had every intention of returning it. As I noticed a shadowy figure above me on the roof top I thought great I’m all alone here in a dress as I looked closer I realized it wasn’t a human figure it was an animal maybe a dog?! I sure hoped it was Fang. Soon enough we would all met at the “place”. At the tavern that I was just passing by I noticed an aircraft was parked thinking to myself that’s unusual why would a aircraft be parked here. As I entered our “place” with a sign of relief I everyone in the wolf pack except Fang but, then as I got closer I saw Fang.

Finally, as we all sat around the table Dyer and I enjoying ale and Fang enjoying a bone we discussed what might be happening to Zerif. He was left to take all the blame then, I realized Zerif can take care of himself as a matter of fact I’m sure nobody would admit to it but, he was the best at protecting his ass. We knew her would join us sooner than later but, when?! Then, we discussed how the night went overall well ..never as planned is what we all thought but, that’s our style then, I went on to one of my rants and raves about Scarlet and the next time we would meet.



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