1. What’s your character’s name, race, and class?
Fang, Elf, Druid

2. Where was your character born? Try to describe it: What kind of people lived there, how large was it, did it have a special purpose, etc.
Born in the wilds of the rainforest and lived in a grove there with many other druids. However, the world’s population is growing and fighting over the resources the rainforest has to offer. This leads to unrest among the local druids and the nearby growing community. In the end man-made steel clashed with teeth and claws. Fang does not remember the outcome (see question 4). Since the druids lived in the rainforest their beast forms took on the forms if big cats and other predators more common to the area. Fang’s beast form being canine is an oddity.

3. What are your character’s favorite weapons and items? I don’t hand out golf bags of magic weapons and armaments. Instead, a character’s items “level up” as he increases in experience. I prefer magic items that feel personal and have their own unique histories. Also, I try to connect a character’s items with plot hooks already in place within the campaign. This gives the character a vested interest in the adventure. Common favorite items include heirlooms that belonged to beloved family members, sets of tools from memorable first experiences, or prizes won in contests.
Fang uses her teeth and claws more then anything else. (Though finding a magical item that allows her teeth to do some sort of elemental damage would be sweet!) I will find a totem or something that will serve as a family heirloom. Fang does not remember much about her family, but if she ever found them, the totem will be something they would recognize.

4. What is the most important event in your character’s life? The answer to this question is preferably something that changed your character in a meaningful way. Another way to look at the question is, “Why is my character going out into the world and leaving his warm, quiet, normal life behind?” As an example, look to television shows, movies, and literary works to see how the important events in their character’s lives affected them:
Fang does not remember the outcome of the ensuing battle in the rainforest. She was young and found by a man who joined the battle to pick treasures and wealth off the dead, then to actually fight. He captured Fang and brought her to Sharn. He then proceeded to brainwash and abuse her to the point where she thinks she is a dog first and an elf second. She does not even remember her real name and goes by Fang since that is what he called her. This means it is every rare when she actually takes her elven form. He used her to make money in the underground dog fighting rings. Since she was able to combine animal strength with elven intelligence, she was very successful and made him very wealthy.
Zerif eventually sees her while he is investigating the fighting circles. He figures out what she actually is and takes her from him. He then finds her useful in gathering information and spying for him. People will talk in the presence of a dog they think is just a dumb animal. She then reports her findings back to him.

5. What motivates your character? Character motivations like the acquisition of wealth and power are assumed. What I’m looking for are ways to keep your character searching for clues, or to keep him with the party. Common motivations include protecting a secret or another character, seeking out the answer to a question, or revenge against an enemy.
At the moment Fang just follows Zerif around. Being with him is a much better situation then her one in the fighting ring. She is rather socially inept, so going off on her own would prove a disaster. Also, Fang is more a pack animal and does not like the idea of wandering around by herself.

6. What is your character’s family like? I try to incorporate NPCs into the game, so feel free to mention best friends, distant relatives, mentors, etc. I don’t use them as ways to attack the character indirectly; instead, I use them to motivate the characters into the campaign. Be sure to name the NPCs you create.
The man who captured and brainwashed Fang is Stephan Huff. Whether he is alive or not would be the Zerif’s choice.
Fang, though she knows at some point she must have had a family, does not remember them. She does have a totem as an heirloom. She does not know that that is what it is. But the druids she was taken from will recognize it.

7. What does your character fear? List a few fears that can happen in-game. Common fears include spiders, snakes, or water. More unique fears can be certain spells, types of people (like kings or beggars), or special weather conditions and environments (like swamps, the desert, or the open ocean).
Fang does not like cages or leashes. Anything where she is tied up and cannot get away. These were tools the Huff often used. Being in a situation where these items are used on her will cause her to do anything from just whine to full out panic. She won’t even let the Zerif put a leash on her.

8. Does your character have any dark secrets or hidden shame in his past? Troubled pasts can really flesh out a character’s future, but they don’t have to be deep, dire, and psychological. Dark secrets or hidden shames can be as involved as an accidental murder that the character was never caught for, or as simple as a theft of bread that left another to be flogged by the town guard.
Zerif is the only one who knows she’s a druid at the moment. She spends so much time in beast form the others have not seen her as an elf. Yet. She can speak in beast form.

9. What goals does your character hope to accomplish? What will your character achieve during the course of the campaign? Some goals, such as “to be a better person” or “to be wealthy” might be great goals for real-life people, but I’m looking for something more along the lines of things that can be accomplished through the campaign’s plot. Common goals include saving an important NPC, recovering a missing artifact, or finding a lost civilization.
Fang would like to just find her place in life. Right now she relies on Zerif for everything. He probably does that on purpose so he can continue to use her. Though Fang does not see him quite like that. But she would like to be more self-sustaining. Also, if she happens to run into someone from her past, she would like to know about that too.


Sharn: From Antiquities to Inquisitives Fangs