After the First Session

The first session went really well. We completed what I had hoped to, but ended with an encounter still planned (which is a good thing…much better than the reverse problem). I was able to clean up the terrain and D&D stuff in what seemed like record time only to realize that I should have taken a few pictures to post over in the At the Scene of the Crime section. Oh well, I guess pictures will have to wait until next session.

Today I updated a couple of Wiki pages (see Mission One) to cover the events of the first session, but left them fairly bare-bones. Someone else can feel free to beef them up, or I might get to it in the next few days.

I also spent today putting face cards and fortune cards in card sleeves and sorting item cards in hopes of using them next session. I figured I would hold off a session in order to ease everyone into the idea of using them.

Now, I am going to go play some games on Steam. If you are on Steam, feel free to add me. My name is wdf.Seattleman and if you aren’t on Steam, you should be. Hope you guys get in on the big Steam sale as today is the last day.

After the First Session

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