Campaign Overview

Campaign Overview:
Work in progress that is somewhat dependent on the players backgrounds and whatnot.

The Sharn Watch is riddled with corruption. Many officers from low to high ranks are aware of or directly involved with everything from bribery to drug trafficking…even murder. Much of the corruption has involved the Boromar Clan (think halfling mafia with dinosaur mounts) for years, but has recently started to also involve the up-and-coming group Daask (the new ruthless thugs not playing by any real rules). The competition for wealth and power doesn’t sit well with either group, as well as a number of other organizations and individuals.

C.L.O.U.D. Organization (Critical Logistics Organization Uncovering Deception) is the organization that the PCs are employed by and it prospers directly from the righting of unjust doings and the uncovering of corruption. The PCs are one unit of many that C.L.O.U.D. has throughout the city.

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Campaign Overview

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