Perks and Benefits

C.L.O.U.D. Badge:

The C.L.O.U.D. Badge is a magical wondrous item, with benefits as listed below.

C.L.O.U.D. Badge
A particularly ornate identification badge, bearing the name of its owner; an arcane mark glows softly on the back side of the badge.
Level: 1
Wondrous Item
Requirement: You must be a member of C.L.O.U.D.
Power (At-Will): Free Action. Gain access to C.L.O.U.D. headquarters.
Power (At-Will): No Action. Activate one of your Fortune Cards. Only one per round.

You may use any of your Fortune Cards that you’ve been awarded; there’s no upper limit as to how many Fortune Cards the badge can hold.

Fortune Cards – Reward System
These are currently encouraged to be used in any way that might increase the level of fun that any individual, or even the entire table, is having. Feel free to elaborate or slightly alter what the cards say (with DM permission).

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Perks and Benefits

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