Sharn is the largest city in all of Breland, and in fact the largest in all Khorvaire, with over 200,000 inhabiants.

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The entire city is built in a manifest zone which connects to the plane of endless sky, which means that gravity is slightly lower within the city environs, and all magical effects related to flight or levitation are automatically enhanced. The result? A city that has truly built upward rather than outward.

Sharn is a mass of skyscraping towers that jut upward to the skies above for miles. The towers intermingle haphazardly, as generation after generation of new layers have been erected upon the old. Bridges and tunnels of all sorts connect the towers in odd patterns.

Above the city floats the magic flying district Skyway, where the richest of the rich own homes or businesses. The only way to reach Skyway is by flight – and it keeps out the rabble.

Below that is the Upper City, the highest and wealthiest districts of town. Here, one finds banks, five-star hotels and theaters, fine restaurants, outposts of Dragonmarked Houses, and upper crust housing.

A few hundred feet lower one enters the Middle City. Here one finds inns, craftspeople, artisans, entertainers of all stripes, middle class and upper middle class residences, and the occasional dreamleaf den. The middle city is less thoroughly policed than Skyway and the Upper City, and organized crime has a strong presence here.

Below that, the Lower City. Built long ago, these crumbling structures are bathed in permanent darkness; sunlight from above is a rare treat through the maze of bridges and canopies above. Here one finds lower class versions of the services above, as well as gambling dens, shanty towns, and the great majority of the inhabitants of Sharn. These levels are dangerous for those who do not know the ways of the city, for the police are almost totally absent from this area. Most people prefer to keep their heads down and go about their toil, but there are plenty of criminals here who would love to make some quick coin from a careless tourist.

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